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Pure® reward card

Our Pure® reward card is the ultimate ‘flexible friend’

Choose from a wide range of options to suit your purpose, from customer acquisition campaigns to employee and channel incentives and rewards. You can load it just once with your chosen reward value, or opt for the reloadable version which you can top up for use over an extended period - a great way of keeping your brand in the customer's hand for longer. 

As a reward, it’s dependable, secure and commercially
more competitive than most other types of payments.
Prepaid rewards cards are also efficient, reducing admin
demands and offering simple management through a secure online platform.

Pure reward cards are also ideal for corporate gifting, random acts of kindness (surprise and delight) and even customer rescue: a great way to say “Thank you”, “Welcome”, or – if needed – “We’re sorry”.

Standard features:

  • Secure, easy to manage and quick to implement
  • Chip & PIN personalised cards
  • Flexible expiry (typically 12 to 24 months)
  • Lost/stolen cards can be cancelled, replaced and the balance transferred
  • Available as a generic card, or branded with your own brand or programme identity (prices and lead times will vary)
Reward card icon

Options include:

  • Access to our exclusive network of over 16,500 top-name retail and leisure outlets across the UK
  • Reloadable or non-reloadable
  • Cards for a specific purpose, such as our Pure Fuel variant, for added relevancy and engagement with your target audience
Pure Reward Card
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