Exclusive Third Party Content Gift Cards And Vouchers

Gift cards, vouchers and fulfilment

From Amazon and Apple, to Wagamama and Zizzi!

We manage millions of pounds of spending for the very biggest retail brands in the UK:
  • a huge range of top brand retail gift cards and vouchers, usually available at less than face value
  • exclusive third-party and consolidated content, including themed gift cards
  • online points banking platform and reward catalogue

Reward services

We can deliver rewards in a variety of ways, including:

  • Simple Reward, based on SFTP file transfers, ideal for a one-off reward; can be drop-shipped to clients or emailed/despatched to recipients
  • Reward Choice, based on banked points/currency accounts; ideal for longer ‘spend or save’ promotions
  • Your Reward, which brings rewards to your site (external or intranet) via an API to create an integrated solution
  • real time API integration (with alternative batch option if required)
  • robust ‘best in class’ adherence to SLAs
  • full management information and reporting
cards vouchers and 3rd party content

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