Channel rewards and incentives that stimulate positive action

Keep your brand front of mind with retailers; motivate dealerships and partners; and incentivise reseller front line staff.

We’ve years of automotive, hi-tech and retail experience behind our two most popular solutions for manufacturers: a simple online ‘sell this, get that’ claim and redeem system for rewarding sales achievements (by product, or by reaching sales thresholds); and an ‘earn and bank’ points-based catalogue, where channel employees can save or spend the points they earn for sales.

If you'd like information about our reward systems and capability, contact us for an informal chat. Or keep scrolling for inspiring rewards!
  • Online registration and claims
  • Receive an eCode or points reward by email
  • Redeem eCodes or points for vouchers, gift cards and merchandise via a reward website or online catalogue
All branded to suit your corporate or programme identity.
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