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During 2018 we’ll reach over 1 million bikes on the road through Cyclescheme – and a growing proportion of them will be eBikes. So what difference could choosing an eBike make for you?

Riding an ‘electrically-assisted bicycle’ is like having your own tailwind on tap. The on-board battery and motor add to your pedalling efforts, so you can ride further or in hillier terrain without breaking sweat. This assistance makes it more practical for more people to commute by bike.

Unlike mopeds, eBikes don’t require you to have a licence, and there’s no need for road tax or insurance. Anyone aged 14 or over can ride one, and it can legally be ridden wherever a bicycle can.

Although the maximum assisted speed is 15.5mph (at which point the motor must cut out), you can still go faster using traditional pedal power. The motor must be no greater than 250 Watts.

Most quality eBikes don't have a throttle and are known as ‘pedelecs’. These bikes sense when you are pedalling and amplify that effort with the motor, which must be no greater than 250 Watts. There are different levels of assistance available: 'eco' might add 50% extra pedalling power and is ideal for long rides, and at the other end of the scale 'turbo' can add 2-3 times your pedalling effort, which can be very useful for steep hills. The more power you get from the motor, the quicker you'll drain the battery (there will be a gauge to show how much power you have left).

Electric bikes have big lithium-ion batteries that generally last 25-40 miles per charge, and sometimes further, depending on the weight being carried, the terrain you’re riding over, and amount of powered assistance you use. If the battery does go flat, you can still pedal the bike, although the additional weight of battery and motor make this harder work. It costs just pennies to recharge your eBike, using any wall socket.

Prices for a basic eBike start at around £1,000, the limit for Cycle to Work savings for most employees. If you want a higher specification model, you can still make the usual tax savings on that £1,000, as long as you have paid the retailer the difference between that and the price of your chosen model.

Find out more about Cyclescheme and our ‘Any Bike Guarantee.
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