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It's time to invest in growth and productivity

For most people in the UK, belts have been tightened over recent years, and with wages either stagnant or declining in real terms there’s no sign of anything loosening up just yet. We’re all a little more careful about what we spend, and some of the pleasures in life have now become luxuries.

It was interesting to hear Tory MP Nicholas Boles last week on Radio 4, saying that the Chancellor should declare an end to the age of austerity in this month’s budget.

“We now need an age of investment," he said. “The urgent priority now… is to get productivity up and to get real wages up".

He’s got a point. Between March to May 2016 and March to May 2017, total pay fell by 0.7% in real terms (ONS). So it’s hardly surprising that 69% of people would choose one job over another if the benefits were better (OneMedical, 2016). In fact, the CIPD also tells us that over half those looking for new jobs are doing so to improve pay and benefits.

If you’re looking to attract new talent, or keep the talent you already have, then now is a good time to put the 'value' into your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). You might think this is tricky if you’re under pressure to keep your spend down; but bear in mind that most of the benefits we offer – including Cyclescheme, Techscheme and care-4 are available to you at low or no cost. So are our lifestyle options, including cinema, dining, and – most popular of all – our rebate card, Pure, for discounted shopping.

With a little thought, and maybe some judicious additions to your existing benefits programme, more households could enjoy more for less, thanks to you.

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