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Not all benefits are created equal. For example, a non-parent who lives 25 miles from the office won't benefit from childcare and cycle to work schemes. So what would you offer them?

If you're looking for a benefit that really delivers for ALL employees (as well as your organisation), top of our ‘must have’ list is our rebate card, Pure. It helps your employees save money, and many users also love it as a budgeting tool.

Here are three examples of how Pure works to the advantage of both employee cardholders and employers: a working mum, a young couple and an HR professional (click on each for detail).

Pure cardholder, Sarah   Pure cardholders, Matt and Jo   HR professional, Tom

With top-ups coming direct from salary every month, it’s a useful way to save or at least ‘ring fence’ some housekeeping money; and by not spending the entire balance, or their monthly rebate, many users save towards larger purchases, or big spending events such as Christmas.  They can also keep an eye on where they’re spending most and on what, using the app or through their online account.

At this point, you might be wondering – why a card? Why not just offer gift vouchers?

There’s nothing wrong at all with ordinary gift vouchers and cards, especially when you can offer them at less than face value (yes, we provide those as well!). But a prepaid card can be topped up on the spot, making it useful whenever you spot an unexpected bargain. There’s no need to place a new order every month; there’s no planning in advance for which brands to buy; cards are far more secure – and of course, there’s no waiting for the post to arrive.

If you go for a branded card, like many of our clients, it does cost a little something, but your brand is also right there – front of wallet and front of mind – everywhere your employees go.

Get in touch with us to find out more about boosting your benefits, and extending the value you offer your employees.
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