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National Customer Service Week logoIt's not a perfect world. There's no point pretending that things never go wrong (if they can, they inevitably will). And in the hectic world of customer service, it's usually your front line staff who have to pick up the pieces and make things right with your customers.

So as National Customer Service Week (2-6 October 2017) approaches, it seems like a good time to be thinking about what it takes to turn an unhappy customer into an advocate - or at least someone who will return to spend again.

"37% of customers are satisfied with service recovery when they are offered something of monetary value (a refund or credit). When businesses offer an apology combined with compensation it sees customer satisfaction rise to 74%."*

We Googled 'customer rescue', 'customer apology' and even that slightly grudging term 'customer goodwill gesture' to see what the internet had to say. We found plenty of sound advice, terrifying anecdotes and useful resources for training employees. But not much else.

So here are a few useful questions you might want to ask of your business.


Are your employees doing the same things, and offering the same compensation for the same reasons across your entire business? Social media makes it easier than ever for customers to compare notes; so it’s more important than ever to be seen to be fair to all.


Are your compensatory gestures or gifts actually relevant to the customer? Enabling your contact centre staff to offer a choice makes sense – while gift cards and eCodes may be appreciated by some, others may rather receive a cuddly toy. It’s true – and it’s working!


Can your staff make decisions and take action on the spot? Having pre-approved items, such as gift cards, merchandise and eCodes enables employees to act swiftly, which of course is a much better experience for the customer than the old “I’ll see what I can do” treatment.


Do you know who is receiving what, when how and why? It makes so much sense to have full reporting: for performance comparison, measuring costs and — most importantly — obtaining a clear picture of the issues that your team is currently facing.

If you can’t answer “Yes” to all four of these questions, you might want to get in touch with us. We have the technology! We call it 'Right Gesture, Right Time' because that's what it enables you (and your team) to deliver… consistently, appropriately, immediately, with a full audit trail and reporting.

Your employees and your customers will thank you for it.

This year's National Customer Service Week runs 2 - 6 October 2017, details on the Institute of Customer Service website.

*Source: Carey School of Business

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