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Group sharing a meal

There’s something about sharing a reward that makes it more special, more memorable.

There’s the cachet of sharing an achievement; the feel-good factor derived from treating another person to something they’ll enjoy; and the enhanced enjoyment that comes from sharing an experience with someone else.

Scientific research* has proven that shared experiences are amplified, compared to unshared experiences (apparently, good chocolate tastes even better when you enjoy it with someone else).

For example, going out for a meal that your employer is funding becomes a special occasion when you take a partner, friend or family member with you. Enjoying a blockbuster movie at a state-of-the-art cinema with someone else who’ll appreciate it is miles better than going alone. Celebrating an achievement with a group of colleagues makes it more memorable, and something to truly shout about. Their enjoyment adds to your enjoyment.

Shared experiences create lasting memories, and inspire the feel-good factor, which – in the case of employee benefits and rewards – can enhance your reputation as an employer (“They must be a good company to work for!”) and create advocates beyond the workplace. Shared experiences also inevitably lead to feel-good photos and posts on social media, generating further recognition for your brand locally and across the wider public domain.

Shareworthy experiences from Grass Roots include discounted cinema tickets, dining discounts and restaurant gift cards, spa gift cards, and ‘thrill or chill’ experiences. Some you can use as reward options, others – such as dining card membership and Vue Movie Money – you can also set up as employee benefits at no cost to you. Understandably popular (especially with Millennials and younger employees), they are all ways that you can help bring people together as teams, as friends or as families.

Great incentives, rewards and benefits really do connect brands and people.

So when you’re next looking for a reward or benefit, it’s worth adding ‘shareworthiness’ to your selection criteria. An appropriate thing to be thinking about during the season of goodwill.

For help with shareworthy rewards and benefits, contact us.

*Shared experiences are amplified (Boothby, Clark and Bargh, Yale University 2014)
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