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Adding value

What would be a natural value-add for your brand or product?

In our recent Consumer Reward Preference survey, we received a huge number of comments about the value and relevancy of rewards: how some incentives were either of no interest at all, how some could only be redeemed against additional high-ticket items, and how others simply took too long to earn.

If the incentive has no real value or relevancy to the consumer, then it can’t be doing its job properly. Over the last couple of years, we’ve been running some extremely successful ‘free fuel’ campaigns to incentivise new car sales for major automotive manufacturers. This is a perfectly natural fit for the brands and seen as relevant added value by the customer. Although the results are confidential, we can tell you that they've been impressive enough for clients to want to re-run the campaign again and again!

The free fuel option is based on a varying value branded pre-loaded card (issued by us). This is then activated online by the customer, making it compliant with the latest Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and capturing valuable data which can be used to measure uptake and assess ROI.

Why do customers like it?

The reward is quick and easy to access; it’s relevant to both them and their purchase; and - of course - it makes it easy for them to save a significant amount of money... all thanks to their chosen car manufacturer.  It’s as close to cash as you can get.

Why do companies like it?

We do all the work, for one thing, so all our clients need to do is take care of their advertising and publicity. It’s attractive and totally makes sense; there are no complexities and it’s easy to promote. And finally, it puts their brand in the customer’s hand (or wallet) for a considerable period of time after purchase… the feel-good factor doesn’t just disappear overnight like it would with a discount.

Sounds like a good idea?

We can provide you with all kinds of incentive options: prepaid cards, digital rewards, eCodes, single brand, multi-brand and more. We can even help you create a rebate card that drives spend back into your own outlets.

Talk to us - let's come up with some ideas together.
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