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"Low financial well-being is associated with higher employee absence and stress, and poorer employee mental health, performance, and decision-making and focus.”


Financial wellness products are becoming increasingly sought-after as part of an organisation’s employee benefits package. More and more employers are providing access to a wide range of services and strategies, such as income protection, health cover, access to loans and financial planning advice.

It costs you nothing to put money back into your employees’ pockets

Although there are many definitions of employee financial wellness, it’s generally positioned as helping individuals to manage their finances effectively.

You may already be aware that our Pure employee benefit card gives savings of up to 15% on purchases made from popular brands and retailers. While it won’t solve any major financial problems, what it does do is help your employees to make their salary go further, contributing to your financial wellness strategy and overall employee engagement.  Our blog Make your Pure card worth even more shows just what a difference even the small savings can make over time.

And if you think you already know Pure, look again!

NEW: Pure is now available to ALL sizes of companies (from one employee upwards) absolutely free of charge

NEW: No payroll admin or flexible benefits plan needed

NEW: iOS and Android apps now available

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  • Why you should add Pure to your benefits offering (and why your employees will love it)
  • How and where your employees can use their Pure card (and how much they can save)
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