Build employee engagement with instant recognition

Our employee engagement platform, Achievers, is the world’s most advanced employee recognition and rewards solution: enabling both social and rewards-based recognition. It empowers employees to recognise and reward each other in real-time from anywhere and aligns employees with company values and goals. By delivering millions of recognitions annually, the Achievers solution inspires employee engagement and loyalty and drives business performance.

Achievers brings together all the reward and recognition solutions you need in one central location:

  • peer to peer recognition
  • service awards and anniversaries
  • employee feedback and surveys
  • innovation, ideas and referrals
  • sales incentives
  • recognition toolkit and online training
Recognition is meant to be shared and, with Achievers' integration capability, employees can celebrate their successes via their own networks at the click of a button - seamlessly spreading the word using Yammer, social networks or company intranets.


Achievers has harnessed the power of AI to enable you to connect more effectively with employees. Achievers Listen is an always-on intelligent channel that helps you to understand what matters to individuals, and then empowers both employees and managers by providing bite-sized actions and personalised feedback. A brilliant and innovative engagement tool.
Recognition Achievers Laptop
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