tax efficient childcare vouchers

Tax-efficient childcare benefit

Up to £55 per week of childcare costs are exempt from income tax and National Insurance contributions (NIC). Our market-leading HMRC-approved childcare benefit, care-4, is an employer-supported childcare scheme that enables your working parents to take advantage of this exemption, and save up to £77.76 per month on income tax and NICs.*
  • Employers save up to £402 per participant in NICs each year
  • Self-service option for SMEs, or fully managed service for larger enterprises 
  • Each participant has a secure online care-4 account, into which a predetermined amount of their pre-tax salary is paid each month. They can then use this account to pay their carers direct, via BACS.
By saving your Employer NICs on the tax and NI exempt value that employees pay through the scheme, you can offset care-4’s annual fees and provide the benefit at ‘no cost’ or even with a cost saving.

*The value of childcare costs available to employees free of tax and NI depends on the rate at which they pay tax:

Basic rate taxpayer   £243 per month
Higher rate taxpayer   £124 per month
Additional rate taxpayer  £110 per month

care-4 also provides parents with access to:

  • a confidential 24/7 childcare helpline
  • an emergency childcare website, allowing parents to find quality emergency childcare, some of which can be paid through care-4
  • childcare provider discounts (subject to availability)
tax efficient childcare vouchers

Important March 2018 update:



“It has been a pleasure working with your company, for over nearly eight years now - always very helpful and great customer service thank you.  I work in a customer service arena and have recently listed your company as a good example.”
Melissa Warren
care-4 customer
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