cycle to work scheme

Discounted bikes for work

Help your employees become cycle commuters

Our tax-efficient cycle to work scheme enables your employees to save 25 - 39% of the cost of buying a new bike and accessories, and to spread that cost over a year through salary sacrifice. It also saves you money – up to 13.8% in employer NI contributions.

Any bike, from anywhere

Cyclescheme is the only cycle to work scheme that partners with all specialist high street cycle stores and every major online bike retailer, so your employees can choose from any bike form almost any brand available in the UK.
  • Free to join for employers and employees
  • Create an energised workforce that is feeling happy and productive for the day ahead
  • Contribute to sustainability and environmental initiatives (as well as overcoming traffic and parking challenges for many workers)
  • HMRC-approved and backed by the Government’s Green Transport Plan and complies with OFT and DFT regulations

Cyclescheme is the UK’s market-leading cycle to work scheme provider, and a founding member of the Cycle to Work Alliance. 

cycle to work scheme

“My message for anyone thinking about Cyclescheme would be to sign up now: the health and wellbeing benefits are huge.”
Mark Craske
Travel Manager
NHS Forth Valley

Here's how it works

  • Your employee visits a Cyclescheme retailer store or website - there are over 2,000, from big names to local independents - and chooses their commuting gear
  • Your employee collects their bike and/or accessories from their chosen retailer, and salary sacrifice deductions begin
  • They log into your branded Cyclescheme portal and order their certificate, which you need to approve; we then send you an invoice for the agreed amount
  • After a year, at the end of the Hire Agreement, we contact your employee and discuss the options available – our process ensures compliancy and great savings

Ready to get started?

Just a reminder – this will cost you nothing, and results in savings for both you and your employees (we think the technical term for this is a ‘no-brainer’!). It takes only about 10 minutes to register, and your first employee could be signing up in a few hours' time.

We’ll send you a secure link to your Cyclescheme portal, to share with your workforce. As well as being able to access Cyclescheme online, you can browse and download marketing materials for you to share with your team and encourage sign-up for this valuable benefit.

Please feel welcome to contact us before, during or after registering with any questions you may have.
0344 879 5101 /
We look forward to welcoming you on board!
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