Employee benefits at little or no cost

Add fun, fitness and cash savings to your employee value proposition

With salaries on a plateau, your employee value proposition (EVP) needs to be stronger than ever, especially when unemployment rates are as low as they are at the moment. The right offering can make all the difference to securing and retaining the talent you need.

Some benefits are free. Others can be offset against employer National Insurance contribution (NIC) savings. Either way, there’s no need to break the budget.

Choose one or choose them all - we'll be happy to talk you through the options, whatever the size of your organisation.
“Our team was delighted to be able to take advantage of the salary sacrifice scheme that gave them more affordable access to the latest technology.

“These schemes also work incredibly well for our young demographic of workers some of whom work part-time and therefore just don’t have access to the funds needed to purchase some of these items.”

Simon Kelly
HR Systems Manager
Fat Face

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